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Climate Change

Climate Change

Climate Change

Trees absorb greenhouse gases and create cooling effects



Climate Change

Climate Change

British wildlife is declining across the board - our woodlands will help


Public Health

Climate Change

Public Health

Even short woodland walks improve mental and physical health



Carbon dioxide is a potent greenhouse gas - the more carbon dioxide in the atmosphere, the stronger warming impact it has on our climate. 

Carbon Dioxide levels are 39% higher than they were in the year 1900, and they haven't been this high for over four million years. 

This is mainly down to the mass burning of fossil fuels - which when burned, release carbon that was stored deep underground, into the atmosphere.

Trees absorb carbon dioxide from the atmosphere. Rotting or burning trees return it back into the atmosphere. So, when some of the trees we plant die, they'll be recovered and turned into solid carbon form instead of being allowed to rot. This solid carbon won't return to the atmosphere, and can be used as a long-life building material.



Britain is one of Europe's least wooded countries, with a coverage of 13%, compared to Europe's average of over a third. Two fifths of all insect species worldwide are undergoing dramatic declines, British birds have declined by as much as 95% since 1970, and hedgehog numbers have halved since the turn of the millennium. 

All this can be reversed by creating and re-connecting habitats for these fantastic creatures - and we need them. Without a well-balanced natural world to support us, our farming and our demand for resources, future generations' lives will hang in the balance.


Public Health

A few short walks per week in woodlands are proven to: 

• Reduce exposure to noise and air pollution

• Reduce stress and restore psychological and physiological wellbeing

• Strengthen the immune system through contact with nature

• Increase physical activity and reduce obesity rates

That's why all our woodlands will be publicly accessible, for everyone. 

Your money is spent on buying land, planting trees, and protecting them. 

No paid staff. No paid offices. No Post. 

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