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This is Alex. Alex is an Environmental Scientist and a Senior Environmental

Consultant, and he also loves trees.

Alex came up with The Tree Planters in December 2018, sitting on the wet grass, underneath a rather impressive Giant Sequoia. Since then, he’s grown the charity, enlisted some trusty supporters, and planted several hundred saplings.

Just like the rest of us, Alex wants to save the world, and knows that planting and protecting trees is one of the most valuable actions we can take. You can always rely on him to tell you an interesting nature fact…even when you didn’t ask for one. 




This is Sam.  Sam is a primary school teacher, with a background in charity marketing and fundraising, as well as legal studies. She loves animals, woodlands and being outside (although she moans a lot about being cold).

In the beginning, Sam helped to make The Tree Planters a reality by breaking down a seemingly huge task into achievable steps, and she continues to do that today.  She's always thinking about the best way to share our story, celebrate our progress, and grow our members.



Tom, our woodland management Trustee, has been an assistant tree surgeon and landscape gardener for several years, with a wealth of practical tree management, identification and cultivation skills. He advises on everything from selecting suitable native species and woodland planning and management to seed germination, which is hugely cheaper than buying ready-grown trees. 

He's been instrumental in collecting and planting 600 local, native tree seeds so far and he rarely brags about it. 



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