Privacy Policy

This website is built and hosted on Godaddy.


Site Visit Data

Godaddy built websites are automatically configured to collect anonymous site visit information and can be configured by the admin to collect additional traffic data, such as page load times. Raw server logs and traffic data, if enabled, are streamed to GoDaddy's data centers in the United States. This type of data does not contain personally identifiable information (PII) and is only used to help understand whether the site has visitors and is loading quickly.

Your Information

There are three possible routes for your personal information to come be known by The Tree Planters. These are by donating to us via paypal, by emailing us directly, and by subscribing to our mailing list. 

1. Donating Via Paypal

When you donate to The Tree Planters via paypal, either a single or a recurring payment, your name, email address and donation amount is recorded within the transaction details within The Tree Planters' Paypal account. The Tree Planters will not use or share this information with anyone.

2. Emailing us Directly

When we receive an email from you directly to one of our email addresses (e.g., we will receive your email address and any other personal information supplied within that email. We will not use or share your email address or any other personal details with anyone. Our email accounts are password-protected with 2-factor authentication.

3. Subscribing to our Mailing List 

Email addresses subscribed to our mailing list subscriptions are not visible to, or held by The Tree Planters. The email data is housed in GoDaddy's data stores in the United States. Features provided to the The Tree Planters by GoDaddy that provide the ability to update, export, and/or delete donors' and mailing list data are compliant with applicable privacy regulations including GDPR. 

Any personal information provided by a user to The Tree Planters via our mailing list is encrypted by default. The data stores where the information is maintained are secured using the same methods used to secure The Tree Planters' data.